The full range of Lucas trimming forming machines

The full range of Lucas trimming forming machines

The Lucas trimming/forming machines are independent units for the processing of sheet metal, characterised by simplicity and rapidity of use, long tool life and wide flexibility of use. The full range of trimming/forming machinesincludes 5 different models, each with technical features and performance.
The list includes the following VBUs, each customised according to the needs of the end customer:

To these are added the models dedicated to certain sectors such as: theVBU 2200 "traffic signs", used for simple or double forming (also inward) of polygonal or circular details, using copying molds, low cost and easy to manufacture starting from pre-cut metal sheets; the forming machine for ventilation ducts with seal;the forming machine for submersible pumps andthesemi-automatic VBU for extinguishers.

The Lucas trimming/forming machines enable various forms of processing on flat or deep drawn sheet metal, both circular and polygonal. From trimming to forming, from ribbing to turning, from curling to flanging in addition to pipe lock seaming of covers and deformation threading. Again for the trimming/forming machines, as for any other machinery for sheet metal working, our staff is available to offer advice on the design and correct use of the equipment, including through on-site training worldwide.


All the Lucas trimming/forming machines are provided with a series of standard equipment: the lower spindle driven by means of gear motor and inverter, the upper idler spindle rigidly connected to a portal structure, the hydraulic work unit or with electronic control of the stroke by means of servo motor, the coaxial hydraulic control ejection/expansion system at the lower spindle, the complete electrical system of the PLC and "touch screen" control panel for management of the work sequences. Maximum attention also with regard to safetythanks to the special measures such as the two-hand command on the pivoting rail, the protection fences on the side and rear of the machine and the light curtain on the front of the machine.

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