M.S.M. Handles forming machine “Lucas”;

Four stations machine equipped for forming handles on beer kegs (equipped for one Ø only);
Description of the cycle:
  • The ring is deposited on the centering station where it is oriented in the correct position for following operations.
  • A transfer device moves, after a single operation, the workpiece in the three work stations (cutting, pre-forming and curling).
  • After the last station the fourth arm of the piece transfer device deposits the part on a conveyor belt of the customer.
  • Composed by three stations mechanically identical, but equipped to perform different operations (cutting, pre-forming, curling).
  • Each station is composed by a central matrix holder where the part is positioned. The hydraulic punches are positioned in two opposite slides. The hydraulic movement of the slides allows working both diameters of the parts;
  • Longitudinal step transfer on a frame composed by a trolley with no. 4 pneumatic cylinders for the vertical movement for holding the parts;
  • Holding system is used also as a tailstock;
  • Longitudinal travel of 450 mm;
  • Vertical stroke of 200 mm;
  • Pneumatic clamping system complete with sensors for monitoring piece holding.
  • Hydraulic components REXROTH.
  • Maximum working thickness (R = 800 N / mm2 )          mm. 2
  • Standard power supply   50Hz - 400V - 3Ph