Automatic plant for cutting discs from square pieces model 1800 / 10

Description of the plant:
  1. Special shear for the cut of discs with fixed tailstock to clamp the square sheets and movable cutting head for the adjustment of the cutting diameter;
  2. Carriage provided with holdfast to load the square sheet;
  3. Carriage provided with holdfast and magnets to unload the cut discs and the scrap (on different stations);
  4. Device for square sheet centring.
Description of the working cycle:
  • Lifting of the square sheet and transport of the same on the cutting station (this operation is done by the loading carriage);
  • Centring of the square sheet and cut of the disc;
  • Lifting of the disc and scrap, unload and pilling of the scrap on the first station, unload and pilling of the disc on the second station (this operation is done by the unloading carriage).
N.B. During this phase of cycle, the loading carriage has already loaded a new square piece of sheets on the shear which starts cutting it.
The over said phases are referred to the cut of discs from square sheets which are bigger than the disc to be obtained, the machine, upon request of the operator, can also cut discs from square pieces which are smaller than the same discs (cut of the four scraps).
Keyboard and display of simple utilisation allow a quick learning of the functions of the machine; furthermore a diagnostic system informs the operator of eventual problems on the working system.
No kind of manual work is required to the operator except the loading of the pallets with the square pieces and unloading of pallets with discs and scraps. Anyway the machine stops when the quantity of cut discs reaches a certain height or when there are not square sheets.
Great importance is given to the safety of the operator and third people: the whole dangerous zone is protected with mechanical barriers on the back of the machine and with optoelectronic beams on the fore side of the machine.
Some prerogatives of the machine: blades of special steel for a long last, slide of the cutting blades guided on recirculation balls guide blocks, hydrostatic system of blades motorisation with a variable flow piston pump and hydraulic motor with radial pistons, loading-unloading carriages motorized with d.c. motor, high cutting speed.


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