Seaming machines mod. Seammy 50/90


• Two separate folding sidewall machines, central calendering station and combined crimping

• Automatic feeder feed with double sheet control

• Positioning of folding heads by servomotors

• Pneumatic (or hydraulic) bending command

• Roller calender with servomotor control

• Pneumatic or hydraulic clamping

• For each diameter, a quick-change calendering spindle is required

• Safety devices: two-hand control button on the swivel console, fixed on the 3 sides and light curtains on the front of the machine.

• Complete PLC power board with touch screen service panel for managing job sequences.



Technical features:
Diameter min. 50
Diameter max. 90
Length min about 100
Maximum length 320
Standard Power 50Hz - 400V (Ac) - 3Ph (+ Pe)
Cycle time (approx.) 10-20 sec. (depending on the diameters)
Size change time (approx.) 10 min.Combined Calendering and Clamping Machine for Filters.



Max. seaming length:
Ferrule min. diameter:
Max. workable thickness (R=70Kg/mm²):
Installed power:
Approx. weight:
Approx. Dimensions mm:
Standard power supply: