MSSRT (“T” extrusion)

Special machine for the extrusion of union tees.
The machine, starting from a pre-cut hole in a welded pipe, can extrude fittings from diameter 80 to 400 mm. The thickness of material is from 0.4 to 2 mm, the used materials are: normal or galvanized steel and stainless steel. The machine is excellent for short cycle times and quick changeover.
Usually applied in the production of all the diameter reductions, extrusion for door inspection, fume controls and ventilation.
Machine complete with:
  • Guided die closing / opening;
  • Calibrated automatic pad coupling;
  • Flanging for calibrated pad drive;
  • Automatic return with calibrated pad release and die opening;
  • PLC and operator control panel for cycle/sequence/program management;
  • Hydraulic unit constructed with leading brand name components;
  • Fixed protections mounted on three sides and a safety light guard on the front side. Special machine for the extrusion of union tees.


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