Machine for flanging polycentric or round heads dished, flat or conical (typically pre-cut by laser or plasma cutter) without use of copying templates.
Designed to be the perfect solution in fields of application such as manufacturing of truck and trailer tank head or food and wine storage, fermentation tanks and chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Operations Description :
  • Clamping: the tank head is positioned on a vacuum seal support (without any hole or marking).
  • Centering: the workpiece is roughly centered by the operator with the aid of mechanical stoppers and of a laser beam, then the machine performs by itself automatically the accurate software centering.
  • Flanging: the movement of the motorized rotating head is controlled by servo motors and sliding on recirculating ball bearings on the portal. The flanging group is composed by no. 3 hydraulic controlled rollers (form, shape and blank-support) for excellent superficial finishing and absolute repeatability of the pieces.
  • Programming: the profile of the workpiece is imported in AutoCAD format via a USB port.
Max diagonal / diameter (mm) 3600
Max thickness R. 400 N / mm2 5
Max flanging height (mm) 90
Cutting speed (mt / min) 30
Flanging speed (mt / min) 25