Flanging machine model VBH

The flanging machine model VBH is the ideal machine for all manufacturers of axial fans.
The machine performs roller flanging operations through two controlled axes units for flanges up to 150 mm radius. In a single piece fixing operation, it performs also the punching operation and a further beading operation to stiffen it on the flange. The latter can be straight or rounded (curled).
It can also be provided with flanging system to form any radius (even multiple) up to about 300 mm with only two pairs of rollers. This system allows essentially to replace the rollers only for conventional 90° flanges with small radii (4 ÷ 6 mm). Any shape of the flange can be selected by the program.
Machine produced in various configurations and sizes according to customer requirements.
The main strong points of LUCAS flanging machines are:
  • fast and simple to use, such as for example the quick tool change feature and its user friendly machine programming
  • long tool life due to a sturdy construction of the working units with a particular attention to the sliding both for “hydraulic” or “electronic” control of stroke by “brushless” motor and guiding by recirculating balls screws
  • Ability to find and develop solutions with a high degree of customization
Other features of the machine:
  • Spindle driven by electric motor with gear motor reduction and inverter;
  • Any movement of the machine (working units and stopper) is driven by servo motor
  • The ferrule is clamped directly on the spindle through an expansion equipment or through mechanical clamps for flanging sheet metal rings.
  • Electrical panel complete with PLC and “touch screen” service panel for work sequence management
  • Safety devices: two-handed control button on swivelling console, safety guards at the sides and at the rear of the machine, safety light guard at the front of the machine;
Max. thickness (R. 400 N / mm2) 1-8
Ø Min - Max (mm) 250-2000
Lenght of ferrule Ø Min - Max (mm) 130-1250
Flanging radius (mm) 4-300 (multiple radii with new unit)
Flanging lenght (mm) ~200


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