Beading machine for road signs (and garden tables)

The beading machine model Vbu 2200 for the production of road signs performs, starting from pre-cut sheet plates (usually cut through laser or plasma) the simple beading or the double one (beading also in the inner part) of circular and polygonal pieces (triangles, rectangles, octagons and arrows), by using low-cost copying moulds which are easy to be manufactured.

The main strong points of LUCAS trimming machines are:
  • High processing speed
  • Quality of finishing
  • Long tool life due to a sturdy construction of the working units with a particular attention to the sliding both for “hydraulic” or “electronic” control of stroke by “brushless” motor and guiding by recirculating balls screws
Machine complete with:
  • Hydraulic unit: for the control of no. 2 working units. The hydraulic unit has been mounted in the machine for easy access and features
  • Spindle: driven by electric motor with gear motor reduction and gear box in an oil bath with ground and hardened gears, two-speed gear change and inverter
  • Electrical panel: complete with PLC and “touch screen” service panel for work sequence management. Components of the best brands
  • Safety devices: two-handed control button on swivelling console, safety guards at the side and at the rear of the machine, safety light guard at the front of the machine
  • Piece clamping: mounted on the equipment with hydraulic pressing cylinder mounted on bridge structure with two columns
  • Piece centring device for polygonal parts: system with two pneumatic cylinders with contact plate function for workpiece centring
  • Lubrication system: automatic lubrication of rolls and pieces during working trough spray oil


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