Looking for suppliers of beading machines? Choose Lucas!

Looking for suppliers of beading machines?  Choose Lucas!

The company Lucas specialises in providing beading machines and more in general sheet metal working machines.  What distinguishes us as suppliers of beading machines, sheet metal flanging machines, shears, special lines, etc. is the ability to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions.  Our work starts from the design of the beading machines and includes CE marking and subsequent delivery of the product worldwide.  The fact that every machine is customised according to the needs of the end customer ensures maximum flexibility from the point of view of loading, controls and the other production requirements. Lucas beading machines, similar to the other solutions of which we are suppliers, are always available for individual use (stand alone) or in combined lines of several machines.


Currently our catalogue includes six different models of beading machines in addition to several versions of trimming-beading machines  and shear-beading machinesBelow is a complete list of beading machines of which we are supplierswith a brief description of the important features and a link to the relevant page. 
1) VBH model pipe punching sheet metal flanging machines
It performs roller flanging through a controlled four-axis unit for flanges up to 300 mm in radius (also multiple radii). In a single clamping of the workpiece it also performs punching and stiffening forming on the straight or rounded (curled) flange.
2) Rotor 3 model pipe punching sheet metal flanging machine
The Rotor 3 model sheet metal flanging machine performs flanging, punching (optional) and additional stiffening forming on ferrules (upon request). The machine performs all the operations described above after placement of the workpiece.
3) Shears - Disc beading machine model M3/1600
The beading shear machine model M3/1600 is the result of many years of experience in the construction and design of beading disc cutting shearing machines: the machine performs fully automated disc cutting, beading and rebeading of the edged disc.
4) Beading shear machine  for polygonal bases model RD 3800 - R
Designed for the cutting and beading of flat, convex or calendared polycentric bases. The machine trims the already formed base and then performs the outer beading of the piece. The workpiece can be clamped in the machine using special locking vacuum cradles without the need to drill holes in the bottom.
5) Dual-head pipe beading machine model "Lucas" 3/2000
Designed to work both sides of a pipe at the same time, in particular for the beading operation from the inside outwards and automatic turning of the flange after flanging. The machine can similarly perform beading, ribbing or curling operations.
6) The VBU 2200 for beading of signage panels
Starting from pre-cut sheet metal, the machine performs simple or double beading (also inwards) of polygonal or circular items using low-cost and easy to use copying molds.
We are ready to become your beading supplier: why not try us out!