Our engagement as a manufacturer of flanging machines

Our engagement as a manufacturer of flanging machines

Lucas, with over 40 years of experience in the field, is among the most active manufacturers of flanging machines in Northern Italy.
Our work as machines builder is the result of the passion for challenges and innovation. Our mission is to provide the customer with the best solution for its needs. To achieve this, the first service that we provide is the preliminary consultant to the design of machinery. This way gives us the opportunity to meet customer product and to adapt our standards to its market, sometimes improving the product’s conception. 

Lucas is also involved directly in the whole production of the flanging machine, the testing on site, training of personnel, after-sales and any other eventuality. Over the years, the wealth of knowledge of the business needs in some sectors (in particular HVAC) has led us to build a series of flexible and customizable flanging machines to meet the demands of the case. Lucas flanging machines are designed to work stand-alone or in production lines, always with high automation standards. The range of flanging machines is divided into 3 areas:
1. Tirmming-forming machines – These vertical axis machineries are designed for trimming, flanging  and forming both welded ducts or sheet metal blanks. They are characterized by ease of use, long tool life and high customization rate and flexibility. The Vbu 2200 Traffic signs is expressively dedicated to the field of signalization and garden tables.
2. Flanging machinesMachinery mainly oriented to beading, flanging and punching operations with horizontal axis. The most renowned are our Rotor 3 and VBH. The double head flanging machine model 3-2000 allows working the two ends of a tube at once.
3  Shear and beading machinesincluding  Semi-automatic shear and beading machines, Automatic shearsand Double head shear and beading machines. These machines perform the cutting and beading on sheet metal and dished vessels.


Lucas plant is located in Chiuppano in the provence of Vicenza around 1 hour driving from Venice airport. Our sales net boasts a selected group of resellers that help us Lucas to allows us to operate on the global market as a manufacturer of the latest generation of flanging machines, offering high quality solutions characterized by high accuracy, efficiency and robustness of the components. Working with us means to have a serious and qualified reference point, available for continuous collaboration in order to develop successful projects, all at more than favorable conditions. If you want to know our products and services you can contact us without obligation by email or phone and explain your business goals. We are ready to follow you with the professionalism that has always distinguished us.
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