Circular shear and flanging machine model M3 / 1600 “Lucas”

This double head Circular Shear and Flanging Machine performs in a fully automatic mode - beginning from a front-squared piece and/or from an octagonal piece -the cutting, the following beading process and (on request) a further inward beading of the disc (without removing the workpiece from the machine).

This machine is particularly suitable for the production of circular road signs, garden tables, stainless steel heads for tanks and metallic gaskets.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum cutting capacity R. 70 kg/mm2 mm.  3

Maximum cutting diameter from octagonal workpiece mm. 1600

Maximum cutting diameter from front square workpiece mm. 1000

Minimum cutting diameter mm. 150

Maximum edging capacity R. 70 Kg/mm2 mm.  3

Min. beading diameter mm. 200

Maximum diameter of edging mm. 1600

Maximum height of edging mm.40 *

Min. beading radius mm. 1 ÷ 2

Maximum beading radius mm. 25 *

* = may decrease depending on slab thickness and radius