Circular shears model 5/1800

Circular Shears model 5/1800

This type of machines has always represented one of the strong points of the company production. Our machines perform cutting and beading (on demand) with a high quality of finish and absolute repeatability of the pieces. 
The model 5 / 1800 sc for years has been the workhorse in the field of production of “Lucas” circular shears.
Some feature:
  • digital displaying of cutting diameter
  • high productivity thanks to the high cutting speed 
  • blade descent with hydraulic control with slowdown device for gentle cutting in more revolutions
Machine also available with motorized movement of the tailstock with positioning tolerance of ± 0.05 mm, carriage clamping with hydraulic control and service panel with ability to store up to 121 programs. 
Optionally with central punching device.
Max. thickness (R. 400 N / mm2) 5
Min Ø (mm) 150
Max Ø (mm) 1800 (or 1000)
Max. beading height (mm) 15-20
Cutting speed (mt / min) 35