Shear and beading machines series .../3500 and .../5000

This type of machines has always represented one of the strong points of the company production. Our machines perform cutting and beading (on demand) with a high quality of finish and absolute repeatability of the pieces. 
Turret tailstock with clamping piston, with central hole
Some feature:
  • digital displaying of cutting diameter
  • high productivity thanks to the high cutting speed 
  • blade descent with hydraulic control with slowdown device for gentle cutting in more revolutions
Machine available in three models 6/3500 and 8/3500 or 6/5000 and 8/5000, depending on the maximum thickness to work. It can be supplied also with recirculating ball screws and d/c motor for the quote positioning with storage of programs and quick repositioning (6 m / min).
Optionally these machines can be provided with extension of the hub for working cones.
Max. thickness (R. 400 N / mm2) 6-8
Min Ø (mm) 320
Max Ø (mm) 3500-5000
Max. beading height (mm) 45
Cutting speed (mt / min) 10 ÷ 24